VIDEO: A Simple 3-Step Process for Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Small Business

For small & local businesses, standing out in the marketplace and getting a reliable flow of new customer leads can be hard. This simple strategy using Facebook Ads to grow your database & drive targeted new customer leads is a go-to marketing strategy you should probably be running on repeat!

Step 1) Run a giveaway contest via Facebook ads

  • Pick a product/service to give away that has mainstream appeal (preferably a product or service you offer)
  • Make the giveaway worthwhile
  • Set up a Facebook ad campaign using the “leads” objective to capture names, emails and phone numbers
  • Be sure to mention that by entering their info, the user will be subscribing to receive emails from you
  • Generate targeted leads for only a few dollars or less!

Step 2) Follow up with a special offer to non-winners

  • Now that you have emails & phone numbers for your new leads, follow up with a one-time special offer on the product or service they were entered to win
  • Follow up at least 3 time with each lead (2x via email, 1x via phone call) to extend the invitation
  • Now, you’re closing some new customer leads right out of the gate!

Step 3) Nurture & remarket consistently

  • For those who entered but didn’t take you up on your initial special, continue to remarket to these individuals via Facebook Ads, your email newsletter (make it worthwhile to stay subscribed)
  • Remember, these are all people who expressed interest in your product/service already so do your absolute best to stay top of mind & to bring them in to try your product/service as soon as possible via special offers, events & more


  • As you run these giveaways, you’ll be obtaining leads for a very low cost. Many of them will not convert immediately, so do your absolute best to nurture and convert these leads in the weeks and months following!
  • Run a consistently formatted monthly newsletter
  • Include a giveaway drawing once per month for current subscribers to your email list and announce the winner via monthly newsletter (this will help keep people subscribe and engaged)
  • Make your monthly newsletter worth paying attention to, include awesome information (curated or created), include news and specials for the month and more

A Real Life Example

The screenshot below is a real life example of an ad campaign that my agency (Shockley Marketing) ran on Facebook for a dermatologist client. The giveaway was for 2 free skin tightening treatments and generated 42 new patient leads for a $100 ad spend investment. The best part – they now have a targeted list of local residents who have expressed an interest in an exact service this dermatologists offers! This dermatologist office was immediately able to convert a handful of these new leads into patients and the rest are now being remarketed to via further Facebook ads and a monthly newsletter subscription.

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