Why Another Marketing Blog?

Why do we need ANOTHER site telling us how to market our businesses? The answer – because there is TOO MUCH “stuff” out there to consume. I’ve spent countless hours (thousands at this point) reading blogs & books, listening to one podcast after another and combing through the information to pull what’s absolutely necessary for me to run my marketing programs as effectively and efficiently as possible. For every 60 minutes of education, I often find 2-3 minutes applicable and impactful…I don’t like that math.

At LocalMarketingLand.com, we aim to provide clear and to-the-point advice & tutorials that will make a difference for your business in terms of bringing in new customers and growing revenue. No fluff, just actionable marketing advice that will help you accomplish your business goals.

I also believe that blogging is often an ineffective way to teach a concept from start to finish as most of the advice is piecemealed and fragmented through months and years. For that reason, we’re doing two things here that will make our site different and more useful than most marketing blogs. We’re creating a comprehensive “resources & guides” section that will be formatted as step-by-step education blueprints that will allow you to perform detailed SEO tasks, implement measurable Facebook ad campaigns, design your own web pages and more.

Our blog will serve as supplemental content that takes a deeper, next-level look at what is taught in our “resources and guides” section.

Effective & Efficient

You’ll here these words often on this site. If you’re tired of “fluff” advice that isn’t critical to helping you accomplish your most important marketing goals (like attracting new customers and having measurable results to show for your marketing efforts), then you’ve come to the right place. Everything on this site will be focused on the mission of creating maximum impact for your marketing dollars at the lowest possible cost. If there is a cheaper way to do something, we’re going to show you the way!

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Ricky Shockley

Founder, LocalMarketingLand.com

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